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And Thats All I Have to Say About That


    01/29/10 19:58:01 | 1 People who also have something to say

    I finally did it.  Lots of housekeeping still to accomplish, but here it is. My Blogger blog.
  2. I'm still here

    01/21/10 18:13:26 | 3 People who also have something to say

    Yes, I've been playing with blogger. But I'm not ready to "go public" yet. Still want to learn how to do stuff before I let people have a looksee. I do think I will be moving to blogger soonish. The biggest thing I need to figure out is how to host my own photos rather than letting blogger do it. Probably won't have time to play with it anymore until next week.

    Meanwhile, there has been stitching. Even though I haven't finished all of the cross stitches, I...
  3. And, the votes are in

    01/17/10 17:26:43 | 0 People who also have something to say

    Well, the Ladies Who Know Things have spoken. The vote was nearly unanimous. They choose 780, which in the last picture I posted is the bottom most brown. Yeah, I know none of you who responded to the post chose it. I guess that may be proof that my photography skills suck. I want to stitch some of the specialty stitches on Hanging Gardens today. Then, tomorrow I plan to start on the table runner. We'll see how I feel about the floss choice once I'm really stitching. My only...
  4. Thinking about moving my blog

    01/16/10 18:30:13 | 3 People who also have something to say

    I've mentioned this before, but I have been giving serious thought to moving to Blogger. My biggest fear is that it will be too difficult to manage and too time sucking. What I like about Yuku is that it is easy peasy. I also feel "safe" on Yuku as really only my stitching friends find me here. Not that I say anything too contraversial. I just realize I would have to be more cautious about what and how I post.

    What I'd like from you guys is advice and experience...
  5. Apparently, I like to confuse myself

    01/13/10 18:44:14 | 4 People who also have something to say

    Well, here's more test stitching. I eliminated 801 and added 780. Also added 676 for the gold.

    In general, the photo is a bit more red than reality for all the flosses. But it conveys the general sense. Since I don't seem to be able to settle on THE right floss, I am going to take my test stitching with me to Moonlight Stitching at the LNS this Saturday and see what...